115 year old glass

We are told that the glass was created in Eurpore in the early 1900’s before building was building in 1905. The stained glass around the building was removed and relocated many years ago.

There remain a few windows with stained glass in disrepair. In the center of the dome structure sits a beautiful circular stained glass feature that in the past was too expensive to remove.

Due to roof issues and water damage the dome must be repaired. This necessitated us building scaffolding in the center of the building up to the dome.

We were able to remove and store the glass to be restored at a later date. It is actually in great condition and was days from falling out. One panel actually fell on our scaffolding as it was going up but didn’t suffer any catastrophic breakage.

The plan is for the glass to be restored and put back in its place during Phase II of the project.

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